01 – Table-Farm Assembly

IMG_5244New cedar version of Feetpot Table-Farm with eight planters. The planters hold our patented Feetpots which are nursery pots modified to receive water from below by way of cotton wicks. The cedar storage chest on the left holds a water reservoir and pump.

IMG_5180A cedar potting bench provides the basic foundation. Cross braces create four tiers where each tier is one inch lower than the previous tier.

IMG_5217A 1″x6″ framework of cedar is added on top for extra depth.

IMG_5212Photo of upside down planters shows position of ports. Two ports are installed in the bottom of each planter. One port for water coming in and one for water going out. All connections are easily taken apart for cleaning and maintenance.

IMG_5223Planters installed with a one inch drop between tiers. Water is pumped from a reservoir into the highest tier on the left. Gravity then takes the water down through the lower tiers and back into the reservoir.

IMG_5218A cedar chest holds two 5 gallon buckets and a waterproof box. The bucket on the left is the primary reservoir. A pump in this bucket pumps water into the top tier of planters. Gravity then takes the water down through the lower tiers and back into the bucket. When it rains, water in this primary bucket overflows into the bucket on the right. When the primary reservoir is low, it can be refilled with water ladled from the overflow bucket or with water from a garden hose. The waterproof box protects electrical connections.


IMG_5241A Feetpot has four 1″ feet installed on the bottom so that it will not be flooded by a water source below. A cotton wick carries water into the pot from any shallow water source.

IMG_5249Deer started hanging out in our neighborhood and in our yard this summer.  Will use this mini greenhouse to support deer netting now and row cover in the fall.

I’ve been through two winter seasons with earlier versions of the table-farm. Row cover over the top and a bucket heater in the water reservoir kept plants from freezing with temps down into the low teens. A thermostat turns the heater on when the temperature gets down to 35 degrees. When the temperature gets back up to 45 degrees the heater is turned off.

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