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How to Clean Guinea Pig Water Bottle?

Water is linked to every species of life on earth. Many pet owners want to keep their pets healthy and they want provide enough water daily for better health. Extraordinary designs of pet water bottles encourage pet owners to pick and order one of the branded water bottles. However, many people do not take care… Read More »

01 – Table-Farm Assembly

New cedar version of Feetpot Table-Farm with eight planters. The planters hold our patented Feetpots which are nursery pots modified to receive water from below by way of cotton wicks. The cedar storage chest on the left holds a water reservoir and pump. A cedar potting bench provides the basic foundation. Cross braces create four… Read More »

New “Feetpot Table-Farm” uses window box liners instead of rain gutters

New “Table Farm” uses window box liners instead of rain gutters so we don’t call it a “Gutter Garden” anymore. The window box liners add extra wind protection for rooftop installations. The extra wind protection also enhances performance in sub-freezing weather. Because the window boxes are shorter than rain gutters, only 3 feet long instead… Read More »

Feetpot Table-Farm using rain gutters

For its newest growing system, Daylight Design has moved outdoors. The Gutter Garden is a simple hydroponic system composed of 5 foot lengths of vinyl rain gutter connected in series with PVC pipe. A small pond pump in a water reservoir (5 gallon bucket) keeps water flowing gently through the system. The Gutter Garden is… Read More »